A few years ago I started to get interested in websites and how they work. I mean we use them every day and take their perfect function and easy handling for granted without even thinking about how they work. 
I was curious, though, and began to learn webdesign on my own. Today I'm pleased to say that even some companies and clubs want me to build their web presence. 
I'm looking forward to learning even more about webdesign and especially responsive design now that the future will be focused on mobile. Let's see where this goes.
If you now are interested in co-operate with me and build your perfect website, feel free to contact me.
The 'Sailing Club Bebra e. V.' needed a new online appearance really urgently since their old website was made back in 2001! The recently launched website pushed them back in the present with an up-to-date website that hopefully will engage lots of sailing friends to jump on their boats. 
Lukas Werlich is a Berlin-based videographer who asked me to build a website to showcase his work in the best possible way. 
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" - This play from Shakespeare was showed on stage by a group of young people. Because of its success, they decided to keep acting and founded a club named after the play. A website was needed to engage more adolescents and sponsors to help the club growing.
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